WebCT is no longer available. All courses and programs are now in the new OWL. If you still need access to content in WebCT, please contact owl@uwo.ca.

PEP has moved

The Preceptor Education Program (PEP) has moved to the new OWL. You will have to re-register in the new OWL. For more information, please go to preceptor.ca.

All courses are now in Western's new OWL!

All courses are now in the new version of OWL. Training, documentation and migration information are now available to assist instructors and support staff with the transition. For more information and to register for training please go to the new OWL Gateway (owl.uwo.ca).

OWL Flight Plan

Western has a new learning management system

Sakai has been chosen as Western's new learning management system, OWL. As of January 2013, our current version of WebCT is discontinued. Visit the OWL Flight Plan site for more information.

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System Availability

ITS reserves every Sunday from 6am until 12pm (noon) for system maintenance.